Cynthia Thielen

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Yes we must do the impossible

When John F. Kennedy said we would put a man on the moon in 10 years, everyone said it was impossible. We did it in 8½ years.

When Jonas Salk set out to eliminate polio, everyone said it was impossible. Polio is now a distant memory.

The work to find a cure for cancer has been going on for 30 years. Many times during the early work it was viewed as an impossible problem. Now every year cures for additional cancers are announced, the most recent being the immunization for HPV.

230 years ago a group of men proposed creating a country governed as a Democracy. A system that had not been successful for over 2,000 years and that had never been successful for an entire country (just individual cities). Everyone said it couldn’t work. However, here we are 230 years later living in the world’s longest established democracy.

When this country puts its mind and efforts and will to a job, it can accomplish things that are first considered impossible. Eliminating all use of foreign oil is not impossible. It is extremely difficult. It will take a large focused effort by this country. But if we make that effort, we will succeed.

And this is not an option. India and China are not going to slow their growth. The demand for energy is going to continue to increase dramatically. We must find alternatives to oil not just because it is a good thing to do, not just to stop the funding of terrorists through oil payments to the Middle East, not just to stop global warming, but because without alternatives we will face a serious energy crisis.

I know we can accomplish this if we set ourselves to do so. And this is why I want to go to Washington. This is what I will work to accomplish. And to those who say it can’t be done all I can say is don’t bet against what the men and women of this country can accomplish if we decide we must do so.


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