Cynthia Thielen

Thursday, September 28, 2006

This time last week, I was not a U.S. Senate candidate. And now, there are only 40 days to run a campaign. I am excited and ready to take on the challenge. With a lot of support from family and people throughout Hawaii, we are ready to go.

I am putting my heart, soul and passion into this race, because it is the chance to represent the State of Hawaii and its citizens. This is about helping their voices be heard in Washington D.C. and about making a difference in their lives and the lives of their children. It's about standing up for the issues I feel so strongly about and changing our nation for a better tomorrow. The issues I stand behind, especially that our country must replace its oil dependency with renewable energy alternatives, are critical in ensuring a bright future for all.

I will not be a passive candidate. As I have done as a State Representative for 16 years, I will be talking personally with voters, working to improve our schools and facilities, addressing the key renewable energy issues with groups and thanking the large number of people who are calling and emailing with their support.

There are signs to be made. There are media interviews to be conducted. There are press releases to be written. There are events to be organized. There are lots of people to meet. There are phone calls to be made. There are many hours to be put in.

I have the energy and experience and am up to the challenge. This is a race we can win!

Monday, September 25, 2006

I am Honored and Humbled

I am honored and humbled that the Republican party has chosen me to pick up the mantle of that great American, Jerry Coffee. This race between Republican and Democrats for the United States Senate is just beginning. I’m not a place holder — I’m in this race to win.

I am running to be a Senator in a Republican congress and administration. I want to change our nation's energy policy and use my bipartisan skills to do this. I want to push our nation into energy self-sufficiency and energy security. There is an obvious link between oil and terrorism, and terrorism is the biggest threat to democracy our nation has ever faced.

In my 16 years in the legislature, I’ve been elected by Republicans, Independents and Democrats. I’ve proved I can work with both sides of the aisle. In the last four years alone, I’ve co-sponsored 38 bills which became law. Hawaii needs and deserves a Senator who puts people before party. We must use a less partisan way to move our nation forward.

Here’s 90 seconds about Cynthia Thielen. After finishing my freshman year at Stanford University, I dropped out to marry Mickey. When our fourth child started pre-school, I went back to school and finished my undergraduate work at University of Hawaii. I then obtained my law degree from U.H. William S. Richardson School of Law. I was a founding member of law review.

Ten days after being sworn in to practice law in 1979, I was in federal court representing the Protect Kaho’olawe ‘ohana. I succeeded in gaining access to the island for Native Hawaiians, na kupuna and supporters. My roots go deep with them.

In 1990, I challenged a Democrat incumbent and won and have been re-elected nine times to the State House.

I co-chair the bipartisan House women’s caucus and co-founded the kupuna caucus. I can work with both the local Democrat majority and stand up to fight them when I feel they are wrong.

Back to the campaign. I call for a debate with Sen. Akaka---not a fixed forum---but a real debate to be shown on all channels.

I invite 106,968 independent-minded Ed Case voters to support my candidacy. My web site is

Mahalo again, to the Governor and the Republican party. Let the race begin.